11/28/20 Celebrations

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We encourage you celebrate your milestone with us! Login and comment with your Days of Freedom. Let's show the world that we've overcome or will overcome and not let nicotine win. 


It appears that you've reached the milestones listed below based on the quit date that is appearing on the site. Please login and say hello!


Congrats on your progress if the date is correct. If it isn't, read below for directions on how to get your quit date updated! This is a judgment-free zone. It's important to quit and we're here for you!


neonurseutmb 10 years!

ptaradactyl 8.5 years!

BevButlerMCM 3000 days!

emily27253 Jacque-smoke-freedom 7 years!
Kristine_May.27.2014 6.5 years!

Godsconqueror Lisastopped 2000 days!

rjw1966 stacycooper 4 years!
5AlarmFire ajihat Princess_Dia 3.5 years!

LilNanaMaggie rhainey 3 years!
cvnghjhn HollyRose8675309 Mainy oliman Pmjacobsen Readytobefree sabrinaeast36Shirliam1 1000 days! Welcome to the Quad Squad!

chloebenson dennisad 2.5 years!
Agui anniec brandykrasselt31 Fireangel9902 Jbullington mssharonneal mwardnj Srmooney1 TeniNtoi 2 years!

acraze69 cassnel25 Darwin_21 jacque2019 joshruiz kare3928 kevcraner mharper 1.5 years!
bkemdan01 Cddahl GrahamDowning keithmkrys Mheyman25 Patrick00 reen2u RobDog RobotsAlive silasb staystrong1122 Tar_Heel Vaperlove 500 days!

122181-brandi AlphaOneStart6501 Booboo13 BrandNewDay ewiseman0313 Jmhair lagottlieb Lauradd55 melinda78 n2itivedave Nevermachines 1 year!

Bluemoon62 CoriMckayla1943 Demetrius1993 holly592011 lilagibson lrossetto0722 Mayhallb salazar719 twoshoe242 300 days!

anapier DaniDesi forgivememyheart Melodysoto minaalove6 MrsArkAng3L NADAMS2 Roxy.33 tayanahill 200 days!
Covfefe19 Emily2021 sethjepstein Snapper1960 Steas422 ttalbert7 6 months!
ac2922 alexxxg americangie Amyhillwv call-me-cable courtieb1 crystalhicks daisysmama Dixie3838 fsoko1017 jep9703 Jmaplevt Miracle9665 mjlongjr naquinp4258 Nicola123 OscarTheGrouch PastTense smokingcessation2020 150 days!

apicalpruning eboggs80 mickeymous22 mjonevs NonSmoker07 radio_rachel shawright41 shelly765 100 days! Welcome to the Triple Digit Quitters Club!
BarbaraMc Cima21 countrygirl1943 erin1191 Jenn56835683 Lizlenboyd uhhhhhhh 50 days!

Ghawkk Jayneyg55 jthakkar Juliejules2456 lorettahend PattiCee56 richardson8110 tristykay Ybarra7396 7 days! This is the first of many celebrations for you. Please come back every time we celebrate you and confirm your quit date. Today, Start a Quit Journal and reflect on that first week.


ConnieX Darstar DLG elloublu Julie1960 kathalsey kaycod2020 moniquec11 ptompk1 sglenn90 Suzinut willprinz  are quitting today. If you are we're glad you're starting your journey with us. Be sure to journal your experiences today with a personal blog(← Click to get started) so you can look back on it and reflect where you started. Tag the post "TheDayIQuit". This way others can see what they can possibly expect as they start their quit journey. Before you know it, you'll be celebrating with people like those mentioned above. To see more Quit Journeys for days 1 thru 100 click the link.



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If I've gotten your quit date wrong, be sure to update it and then go through the steps to sync it to the community.


Please check your Community Profile to see if you've indicated how many cigarettes on average you smoked per day. Then go to the My Quit Stats tab in your profile to see how many cigarettes you have avoided or put the mouse over your username and then click the little "ex" button in the lower left of the hovercard pop-up.