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Cravings and an emotional rollercoaster

Question asked by Juliejules2456 on Nov 26, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2020 by Barbscloud

Hi everyone, I'm on my 4th day and I'm on an emotional rollercoaster. Anxiety was horrible this morning and so was the crying. Its also Thanksgiving and I'm so tempted to go across the street to my neighbors house for a cigarette, but I won't do it. I need this quit. You guys weren't lying when you said the depression can just hit you. I am on antidepressants and I see a counselor, so for the most part its under control but I used to rely very heavily on cigarettes to get me through the hard times. Its Thanksgiving and the hard times were today and I'm going through them without cigarettes and its really hard, quitting is hard but I'm going to stick with it. Also, I'm stuck inside with my 15 year old son who is bored and driving me nuts.