A hello and misc information

Discussion created by MusicalHobbit on Aug 17, 2020
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Hey there,

I am here for the first time. You may call me Pippin for now.

on the non-tobacco side, I enjoy cats, cooking, learning and reading, computer programming, and composing music.

one thing I struggle with with tobacco at this point is I notice i am starting to use it for help with withdrawal from sadness caused by withdrawal from a secondary addiction. i hope to use this community to start my being quit from snus journey so i can beat both addictions. I've got my quit date set, and I am nervous.

I have to take a few medications and they help with the sadness, but I am noticing within myself that my tobacco use has increased, not by too much just by at least 1 more than us   ual. So I hope to use this community to get through this innitial phase and continuing on, and i will support others in the best way I know how.

Please note I am totally blind and use a screenreader, so sometimes I don't know unless I look at the text if i am typing in caps. If i do, it's an accident. But I will be as careful as I can.

Thank you for reading, and i look forward to meeting all of you.