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I was thinking I’d try to make this Daily Pledge different.  So I want to pose a question for all of you to answer each day that you take another person’s hand here in August.  And that question is: How is my pledge for today different from my pledge of yesterday?  It will require 31 different answers from you for each day in this month.  The purpose I have in mind is to encourage you really think about what you're committing to each day, THIS day, as opposed to any other day.  What makes THIS day’s pledge special, different?  What makes today harder for you, if it is, - or easier - and how is your pledge today different from yesterday?  Or even - what do you hope for as the result of today's quit?  This will take some thought and work.  Quitting, after all, for most us, DOES take thought and work.  It's an ongoing process.


Pledging/promising to be smoke free changes with what we’re going through in life.  I don’t mean the promise itself. Ultimately we’re saying each day "I promise to remain smoke free no matter what."  But that “no matter what” can be weakened or strengthened depending upon how life is impacting us.  We’re human, after all.  The promise remains the same, but I’ve seen long-term quitters pledge here daily and then trot off after they've pledged and go buy a pack or a vape and relapse.


So I challenge you to psychologically, emotionally, intellectually - alter how you approach each day’s pledge this month.

May not work, this idea. Or it may spur you on to new-found determination, perseverance, perhaps joy? and new thinking about what you’re committing to here daily.  Rather than just a mindless following the person in front of you.

“Thanks for your hand I promise to not smoke this day..."  take an inventory of what's going on for you today (as a carryover from last night).  When the promise becomes rote, we've lost the purpose of the promise.  You know?





How to pledge: 

  1. Go to top of page and click the link for Latest Reply.Latest Reply
    Or you can go to the last page by clicking on the last page of the pagination links.Pagination
  2. Click on the Reply bubble and make your pledge to the person at the end and then offer your free hand to the next pledge.Reply
  3. You've made your pledge.  Come back tomorrow and pledge again.
  4. Check out this handy quit calendar to calculate your DOF!  EX Quit Calculator or check out My Quit Plan.

As you go through your day you know that you have these two people with you and all of you are keeping each other strong. How cool is that! 


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