Are You Still Wondering, Fighting This Quitting Thing?

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Oct 8, 2019
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A bit gross inside......   Sept. 14, 2017. 


A week after that post she smoked again.  Feb. 26, 2018 she died.


I don't know what brought me back to this blog on this night, but whatever brought me back I'm glad of.  Maybe it's Sharon!  This person is no longer alive.  She's one of the people here who tried and tried to quit.  She's one who is "gone but not forgotten."  She may be just like you at this moment in your quit.  Or she may be just like you before you've finally chosen to quit.  Or she may be just like you who knows you should but haven't yet come to grips with your reality.  Just read her blog.  And know that she is dead.  Dead as dead can be.  Died in Feb. 2018.  At age 62.  She waited too long. Here's another post of hers:


Where have I gone wrong? 



Are you still wondering?  Still thinking you can't? Still thinking it's too hard?  Maybe her blogs will shake up your world and give you the freedom you want and don't want at the same time.  None of us wanted to quit.  None of us really understood what freedom from this addiction was until we achieved it.  May Sharon's spirit haunt you!  (And I mean that in a very good and loving way.)