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Advice - Can a temporary fix become permanent?

Question asked by Blue_Skies on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by virgomama

I feel like I've tried 1000 things to quit, but I keep caving. I'm the type of person that keeps thinking to myself "I'll quit tomorrow" or "I'll just smoke right now and not again." This thought process keeps going on every single day and I'm never able to fully quit. I'll quit briefly, but then I'll cave to the thought that I'll "just smoke this once."

Has anyone had success by trying to do just the opposite? By saying something along the lines of "I just won't smoke for the next 10 minutes" every time you have an urge to smoke, and by starting over with the 10 minutes with every new urge? Is it possible to turn this into a permanent habit and then continue it forever?

I've been telling myself this for the last hour (have needed to do it at least 20 times), but so far it's been a success. Does anyone know if this can turn into a permanent success?

Thank you to those who respond!