Getting at wits end

Discussion created by Gwenivere on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by elvan

I’m now well into my 5th week of the 14mg patches and lozenges as needed.  What I am finding is NOW I want to smoke.  I’m tired of this half ass withdrawl and confused why my body has not adapted in all this time.  Why am I bothering?  I can’t breathe any better.  In fact my pulmonologist put me on more oxygen.  I want to live in the shower from cold sweats.  I want to sleep to escape the extreme depression.  My back is getting so bad that I can barely walk anymore.   The pain was bad before, but definitely more so since this quit.  If feeling suffocated wasn’t so horrible I’d probably say screw it and bail.  Last time I talked to my quit coach they said add more lozenges.  I haven’t because they feel like too much.  Like chain smoking and nauseous.  I was in the drug store and a woman there heard me say something about quitting and said what I hear here.  Best decision I could make.  Wish I felt that because I sure don’t this week.  50+ days, BFD.