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While writing this I am literally shaking my head (in a good way).  First of all, who in their right mind would use a name like crazymama_Lori?   After being on site for a short period, I realized that yes, she is….crazy. (just kidding) side eye wink.  Crazy in a way that no one could easily persuade her unless it was LOGICAL.  If she asked a question and the answer did not seem LOGICAL she would research and get back to the Elders with her LOGICAL analysis.  Everything had to make sense or she was not buying it.  Talk about someone “struggling with their quit”, I  don’t use that word very often but with crazymama_Lori  “The Struggle was REAL". Ifcrazymama_Lori  can quit so, can you!


Whenever you are having a hard time or things don’t seem to make sense and need good solid LOGICAL advice, holla for crazymama_Lori   Lori can walk and talk you down, through and over the toughest times because she has been there, done that.  I think she is one of those people with an engineer’s brain, detailed, she sees things from the inside out instead of the outside in.

Here are a few of her blogs that may give her LOGICAL insight.





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