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Question asked by chris29 on Oct 3, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by elvan
I'm here to help support my husband quit smoking.
I;m a non smoker and have never smoked. I know I need help to support him in this undertaking.

He has tried to quit before that was about three years ago a month before our wedding..
He was smoking a pack a day and he quit cold turkey.
about a week into it I was such a basket case I threatened him and forced him to smoke.

I know it was horrible of me.

This is why I am here to ask for help and to get support and to try to understand to the best of my ability what he is going through.

When we meet he was a confirmed bachelor and I was a single mother of three (two teens one preteen).
We became best friends. Two years latter we got married. And This year on April first we became Grandparents. He has been there for me when I lost my job and now as I face some serious health issues.

I want to be there for him.