WORK your QUIT !!

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Dec 27, 2018

For Me, SINAO Smoking is not an option. was one of My Main Mantras  Yes, I am an addict and I know I have a choice to smoke or not but I no longer used smoking as an option.  I took it completely off the table. I used this acronym for self-talk.  It WORKED.  Thanks to God and EX January 25th I will be celebrating my 4 yr anniversary.  I am fully aware that the "Seasons " can cause/create an addict to become more vulnerable. Therefore I, you, we still have to WORK our quit no matter what season we are in.  Some have to WORK harder than others.  I have said it many times.  The quitting part is easier than staying quit.  Staying quit is the true WORK.   

Early in my quit, it never ceased to surprise me when the thought of smoking could pop up.  At this point in my quit, the thoughts of smoking are ever so very very slight and I have learned not to allow it to linger or act upon it.  That it is just a thought that does not require the act.  However, that slight thought is a reminder that I, we, you have to protect the quit by doing whatever is necessary to remain smoke-free.   

I did not consider my baby quit a struggle but a challenge that I believed I could meet.  I was willing to WORK to stay smoke-free.  Yes, I agonized wondering when the desire of wanting a cigarette would end.  I endured insomnia, along with desperate thoughts of smoking which I considered the WORK.  I was/will be committed forever to doing whatever it takes to stay smoke-free.  The struggle may come when we want things to happen before it is time. The road is not always easy but it is easier if you take it one day or even one moment at a time.  Relearning thinking and a renewal of the mind takes time and WORK. The reality is we "DON'T have to HAVE a cigarette.  Stop telling your mind that you do.  Change the narrative and you will be on the path to a new mindset.  Speak out loud to yourself SINAO to cause it to set.  In time you will not have to WORK as hard. 

Do not take your quit lightly.  If you need to come here every day to WORK it.  Do It!  NOPE come here. Study- Read -Blog,  the WORK.  With the help of EX you will start seeing your quit in a different light , not a struggle but a better lifestyle which will continuously grow if you put in the WORK.   If it means calling a friend, writing a blog, NOPE no matter what.   As an addict I, we, you have to PROTECT our quit. So just for today I, we, you must Protect our Quit, enjoy your Holidays smoke-free and WORK it!   It is your quit.  Only you can protect it.  We are here to help. Stay close, hang tough, don’t give in, don’t give up. SINAO

1432 DOF Thank God