Don't let the straw break the camels back

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Feb 22, 2018

For the most part I consider myself for a positive person.  I try to see the light at the end of the tunnel or see something bad into good as much as possible.  However, there are those times that bring me to either want to smoke, drink or eat.   Mindfulness (I am an emotional eater).  Today I had one of those moments.  Mind you it was an accumulations of things so trivial that I had to take the time to write this little funny note.

I wanted to prepare something special for my daughter to eat today since I had prepared chili for my grand kids I promised to make her favorite chicken salad.   The idea was to get it done early and quick by cooking the breast in my new pressure cooker. I have had it for several weeks and simply enjoy using it.  I washed the copper insert and dropped in on the floor.  OOPS!!!  Small dent in lip.  Oh well probably won't make a difference.  I eventually used pliers to gently straighten it.

9:39 am Low and behold for some reason I could not get the lid to close properly.  Ugh!!!!  After many and I mean many futile attempts I read the troubleshooting guide to find out what could be the cause.  Guide explained the problem but  i still could not get it to secure properly.  Finally  I banged on it to get it to closed. Oh well.  So far so good. 

10:48  I retreat to my reading area with a few almonds in hand , the light bulb was on ( No emotional eating) I had already had a wonderful breakfast. I am reading and waiting for the sound signals on the pressure cooker to go off but there were none.

11:09 am  Geez I did not turn it on.  Ugh!!!!!! Okay problem solved proceed.  Turned >On> Working. 

11:38 Had a hard time getting the lid open. Finally yanked it opened. .  Removed Chicken from pot. Rushed to cool by putting in freezer.  Took out freezer to chop. Ugh!!!!! NOT COOKED LONG Enough   Ugh!!!!  Put in microwave a few minutes to finish cooking and back in freezer to cool. 

12:02 I am starting to walk in circles.  Can't find my cold cup of coffee.  Decide it is time to step away from this mass of confusion. (this works for me)   This could easily be one of those eat, drink, smoke and be merry moments.  But I knew better. Breathe,  fan myself, sit down and laugh    If I have a drink it could be a trigger to smoke.  BTW it is too early in the day for that.  I just imagined making me one of those purple lollipops with vodka.  lol  In my mind it tasted good. (laugh)  Gosh I would have gotten dizzy and not finished the chicken salad.

I popped a few almonds in my mouth went to the reading area and said this too shall pass. Relaxed and took some much needed deep breathes.   I called my daughter to let her know what was going on. Relax it is not all that.

12:22 Now back to preparing this SPECIAL CHICKEN SALAD!  (now I know how indingrl.01.06.2011 ...feels....ALL CAPS.  LOL    UGH!!!   Celery not fresh enough just a few pieces left. Ugh.  Could not fake it with my daughter.  I had to run to store to get fresh celery.   Blowing steam about to fall out in the store. Celery $1.99 a bunch.  Last week I was complaining about $1.49.  Prices steady going UP!!!!  Ugh! Won't smoke over it. 

While riding to the store I thought of DonnaMarie 's  morning blog and remembered the times I had to  run errands, prepare parties, dinners, host quest  as a newbie.  It is doable.  It took a lot of breathing, blowing and smelling smokers in stores to remind me NOPE no matter what.  Moral of the story.  Be mindful of what is going on with you.  Stay in the moment and recognize what is happening.  If necessary step away from the stresses. Breathe, laugh, know that it will pass.  If you have to blow steam it is okay, better than blowing smoke. 

Now I am off to deliver may daughter her SPECIAL CHICKEN SALAD.  My son called while I was making it. We had a good laugh.  All is well ends well.  You don't have to smoke if smoking is no longer the option. SINAO