Counting?....DOF (Days of Freedom)

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Jan 2, 2018

Sometimes I do, and there are times that I don't

Sometimes I did or didn't  but some days I would and some I won't.



When I started my quit journey of course the number of days mattered.  It would be a highlight of my daily post.

As time passed in my quit journey I often had to check where I am as far as the numbers go.  For some of us as time moves forward we develop a new focus.  It is more about improving our lives in other areas to become more balanced, mentally, physically, spiritually and of course financially.  Quitting smoking can be the spring board to all mentioned and the number of days becomes just a reminder of where you started.   Do not take this wrong, there is nothing wrong with counting days but for me a new focus became vital  and the number of days was simply a reminder.  

I was fighting wars and counting days while my wars  became battles , battles with struggling .  Wars, battles struggling words that I did not like identifying with so I mentally turned them into challenges  My quit was no longer attached to a clock or a number because it came to life, not a number.  I love to meet a challenge so NOPE no matter what made it easier.  I did not say easy, I said easier.  I challenged myself everyday that no matter what I would not smoke. I embraced the no matter what by any means necessary and ran with it.  I made up my mind that no matter what, when,  where, who, how I would not smoke.  I took on the mentality that smoking was no longer an option for me.  Even though it is always a choice, I took it completely off my table.  When I wanted to smoke I  had to do something other than that.  Smoking was no longer in the equation. NO MATTER WHAT.  My mind was made up.  As time passed quitting smoking became  easier with NOPE.  It became a state of mind, body and soul that no matter what....death, finances, family, break up, sickness, anger (my greatest trigger) I would not smoke because I am free and " I don't do that anymore."    I continued on with the philosophy SINAO "smoking is not an option".  Once I stopped fighting and embraced the joy of being free my quit changed dramatically. I  no longer worried whether I was going to think about smoking.  If I did, so what! I was going to make it through anyhow. One crisis (challenges) after the other, I would tell myself "No Matter What I will Not Smoke and I moved on breathing deep, exhaling, blowing air, drinking water and perking my lips like a duck NOPE.  I still blow and  perk my lips once in awhile. As time draws near to my 3 yr anniversary, I am not counting the days but I am more aware of where I am and where I started in this quit journey. Amen. 

This quit really smells good.  You can be here too.  Let go of the option to smoke.  You will become healthier with a great sense of accomplishment within yourself.  It is doable.  Life smells so unbelievably euphoric.  I love it.  It's like the smell of fresh linen, or the true scent of a elegant perfume.  The air I breathe is so different now.  It is amazing, the wonderful smell of freedom.  Nothing to compare it with because it is endlessly incomparable.  

With the support of EX and the Elders you too can have this sweet smell of success.  You can learn so much if you stay close.  I made a vow to myself that I would never touch another cigarette as long as I lived.  Not in my hands, not on my lips, not in my mouth, and I have kept that vow.  Make your own vow and commit to it.  Make a vow SINAO