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The Minnesota Department of Health released an alert this week about severe lung injury in young people related to vaping.   A number of states have now reported similar harm that seems to be caused by e-cigarette inhalation.     Lungs are vital and very reactive to toxins.  We know very little about the longer term effect of vaping upon these… (Show more)
I'm trying to quit smoking for real this time. I'm worried about my health. I cough constantly and I wheeze all the time. I had specialist tell me a couple years ago or so if I don't stop, I will end up with emphysema and maybe copd. 
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So many of us think of cigarettes but the real enemy is Nicotine. Ask Tony Gwynn or Sean Marsee. You can't they passed away from chewing tobacco. Ask the 5 people who have died from vaping Nicotine. Nicotine is insect poison. No joke.  If you got high, would you spray raid down your throat? Of course not. Nicotine kills.......slowly!… (Show more)
It’s the weekend and this is a reminder that many quits are lost from drinking alcohol...You may need to refrain until you are stronger in your quit...It isn’t worth losing it... Happy Friday and Weekend...~ Colleen 277 DOF 
Just passing on the national news current update on -"2 vaping deaths in state ILLINOIS -  and an almost death - due to a severe lung infection from vaping -  the report said - another teen heading off to college ending up in ER and confessed to parents and doctor that she was vaping daily and also vape THC - she nearly died - the parents came on… (Show more)