The Best Self

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Aug 29, 2019

~~It is impossible for any human to achieve a state of positivity 100% of the time.  And so, the goal should not be to achieve a state of perfection....because that doesn't exist.  Instead...the goal should be to grow.  To do the daily self-work that creates YOUR best self.  The best version of you.~~  Fearless Soul


I remember this quote often.  When I feel like I just can't do anymore.  When I feel helpless.  When I feel heart broken.  When I feel lost.


When I feel those things that are less than what I want to feel.  I remember then that my goal is to grow.  Only grow.  Not fix things or heal people or wallow in heart break.  I only have to grow into the best version of me.


A very dear family friend just passed away Monday after battling cancer on and off for years.  38 years old.  Omgosh, this hurt. Not a smoker. There is more to my every day life...some good, some not so good, some devastating.  I feel the highs and the lows of life each and every day because of who I am.  But my goal keeps me focused...create my best self.  And so I do that self-work daily.


I could come here and vent and talk and share....maybe I should just because it makes me more human .....but my goal when I'm here isn't me.  It's you.  The smoker who doesn't believe she can quit.  The relapse who doesn't know what he's doing wrong.  The nicotine addict who doesn't understand addiction.  The smoker who's lost hope.  The smoker who never had it.


You are my goal here.  Because even when I'm not here....I think about you.  I may be in a visit, I may be driving, I may be teaching a class.  But I think about you and feel that uncertainty, the fears, the anxiety and I understand it.  Been there, done that, you know?  So I come here and offer some tidbit of information that may help.  I sometimes offer comfort.  Maybe some hope.  I should probably just listen more rather than post and maybe I'll try that soon


We are all in this together.  And I wish you the very best life has to offer because you deserve it!!   And the very best life has to offer is NOT being chained to a cigarette.  It is not spending money on the very item that may kill you.  It is not feeling lost or hopeless or scared.  The very best life has to offer is free of addiction and free of self-loathing and free of the merry-go-round of relapse.  


Maybe I'm here just to remind you that your goal shouldn't be perfection.  Instead, your goal should be to grow into the very best version of yourself