Blog Post created by indingrl on Nov 19, 2018

REQUESTED PRAYER FOR:  Missy up coming surgery- for Missy brother double lung infection- for Jackie to be strengthen in her pesonal life at this time-for Nancy to be uplifted in healing and strengthen to be given to endure- for Nancy-Tommy-Ellen and her husband-for MY beloved Thomas to kick out all snot in his lungs- for Dale to be healed of addiction to sugar-all who suffer from all addictions- i pray for Gods grace to abound in Christs peace-love-and joy-for all those grieving the loss of loved ones-and for the MOST IMPORTANT ONES HERE-OUR BELOVED NEWBIES TO REMAIN AND BE SET FREE FROM NICOTINE ADDICTIONS-THANK YOU ALL WHO PRAY-for ME and MY family for the sudden deaths all at once-thank you for your prayers-love-tolerence-empathy and understanding-i lift up ALL here to keep thinking of the newbies and all here as WE LOVE AND HELP EACH OTHER TO NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER-NO MATTER WHAT- I pray in MY Lord Jesus name-amen-please take what HELPS and let go of the rest-thank you-love you ALL-it is written-God is love-amen