Nancy @youngatheart...just called

Blog Post created by elvan on Oct 18, 2018

Nancy just called me a few minutes ago, she had been having a wonderful time and today...she FELL on a wet floor in a Starbucks.  She has a broken wrist and a broken elbow...both on the right side.  She is going to need surgery on her elbow according to the orthopedic doc she was able to see there.  She is in pain, she was JUST getting to the point where she could walk a little bit with light weight bearing on that bad hip.  Now, she is going to have to figure out what happens from here.  She said the doc said she needs surgery sooner rather than later because her arm is set so that it is bent and if surgery is not done quickly, she will never be able to straighten it.


I am asking FOR NANCY for everyone to say a prayer for her...right now, she really needs us and all of the prayers we can pull together.  She MAY go home tomorrow instead of the 20th, if she can arrange transportation and get an appointment with the surgeon who did her shoulder some time ago.


She said she would keep me in the loop and I promise that I will pass along anything that I hear.