Gottastop2 UPDATE

Blog Post created by elvan on Mar 16, 2018

I heard from gottastop2's husband this afternoon, she is in a LOT of pain since the block has worn off.  He greatly appreciates the care and prayers from members of EX.  I asked him if he would feel comfortable sharing her hame and address so we can send get well cards.  This is going to be a long recovery.  She ended up with a metal plate and seven screws to hold her shoulder together.  I have had rotator cuff surgery on both sides and I am sure she is in agony, I told him to be sure she uses the pain medication...it is the only thing that is going to help right now...except prayers.


If anyone wants the information, please direct message me, I will not be on again until tomorrow because I have to work and I really have to pull away for the night.  I will check back in the morning and probably after work, if I can.  


He is going to keep me updated.

Love and thanks to all who are saying prayers.