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#Quit Prayer Quit Prayer from techy-girl z.   Chris/Spuddles used to post this prayer every morning in the Positive Posting Party club. The impact the prayer made on me was HUGE. Hopefully someone will be impacted as positively by it as I have been.   Thank you God   that I have known   This smoke-free day   To call my own   And… (Show more)
This is my today's  newsletter from    Many folks find that meditation is extremely helpful in times of stress.   Today, verywell treats us  with access to a number of meditation podcasts.   I see that included in the options are specialized ones for stress and also for anxiety and depression.   I hope they are helpful to some of you on the… (Show more)
Great diversion from cravings and/ or at-home self-isolation.    Live cam of jelly fish with relaxation music from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Enjoy!! 
Click to view contentHere in the U.S., today is National Puppy Day. I don't have a puppy but if I did, she would look just like this!  Post a picture of your pup in honor of this national holiday, even if you aren't from the USA    :-)  Pets are of great comfort and . can play a large part in our quits.
A list of free, online, boredom-busting resources!– ChatterPack    Just saw this online. Quickly checked it over. Looks interesting. Almost 2 AM here and I have to get up at 7 AM so no time now to try any of them out. Am hopeful they will be useful for us here at the EX~  G'nite~ Suzy 
I went to our Cookeville Community Center today to drop off a small box of  canned goods.  They really didn't want to take it, but because it was small enough to fit, they made an exception.   I sent in an email to which said:  "I have a 16" chainsaw and could come and help cut up some of the smaller debris (if there is… (Show more)
I just stumbled upon this bit of exquisite beauty and had to share it.  Would that we could always remain that innocent.      
Hello!  I was hoping to encourage someone with a badge today and received the message (below). Can someone please tell me how badges work - or where to find that information? Thanks in advance for your help ~     No badges to give right now. Close PopupClose It looks like all badges have been turned off for some reason. Hopefully this is a… (Show more)
I quite two months ago. But I have no one to talk to I'm a single father of 3 children having a hard time. My name is jamar and my number is xxx xxx xxxx thanks good hearted people only
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