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Positive Affirmations and Support

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This is our new spot as the other got way too long.   That is kind of a good thing though....people finding a spot to get the support they need and share with the rest of us how they are working on building that love.    So, let's keep the ball rolling and join in this. Love you.....Love myself!
Friday is a day for ME that centers MY mind on GRATITUDE to MY God for HIS love and tender mercies NEW to ME every morning - HE gives to ME -  by HIS breathing into ME - more of HIS love and peace and joy - in the midst of MY NEW DAY - to REMEMBER ALL God has done for ME - I smoked for 38 YEARS - at the end of MY using NICOTINE - MY drug of choice… (Show more)
My quit day is Oct 8th, 2019. Just reading these posts make me want to smoke. My day is almost here and I have to do this. I must do this. My life means a lot to me. God is not finished with me yet. I don't have anything great to say and I don't know how to help anyone because I can't help myself. I have health issue's and I need to quit now. I… (Show more)
Just discovered this doctor, he's a consultant cardiologist.  A healing spirit is so obvious.  He is one.  I don't know if I'd call this a positive affirmation, but it is certaily something to think about.  And thoughts can change the way we go through life.  I've watched another of his videos on magnesium... check him out on youtube.  …
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Wednesday, September 11th is my quit day.     To prepare for the big day, I've hung sheets of paper around my room.  They read, "There is nothing good about smoking," and "Smoking does nothing for me."   I will use the patch and tomorrow will stock up on more patches. Also tomorrow, I will move my lighters to a different area of my apartment. I… (Show more)
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