One Day At A Time

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on May 14, 2019

If we could all, learn to take one day at a time, how much better off, we'd be!

Trying to go ahead of yourself, is the cause, of your misery!

You have to take it slow, not jump to any conclusions,

give it time, as there always, tomorrow.

If you think about your problems constantly, it can only lead to sorrow!

No one knows what each day will bring, we can only hope, all goes well.

By letting go, of your worrisome thoughts, it's a way to break the spell!

If you're one of those people, whose thoughts go astray,

stop, take a deep breath and in a little while, it will go on its way!

I'm sure you'll have to agree, that to worry, is really a waste of time, 

it gets you, absolutely nowhere.

It makes a complete wreck out of you and
in the interim, you feel like pulling out your hair.

Just relax, make yourself lax,  take one day at a time!

Follow through, whatever you do and in the long run,

                                      you're going to come out, fine!                                   

  Audrey Heller



Today I will lift my eyes to the hills

My heart shall sing a new song.

With courage I'll greet the trials I meet

As my, day hours roll along

Today I will walk with my hand in God's 

I will trust and not be afraid,

For He will be there, every moment to share

On this wonderful day, He has made

Cleo King