Your Good Place

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Mar 15, 2019

Your good place can be an aroma,

All of it's your very own,

It's yours, it belongs to you. 

Whether woodsy, floral or sweet you get to choose.

Because your good place belongs to you

Your good place has a sound

Maybe the wind chimes, or birds chirping in the air

It may even be the buzz of your old Frigidaire

Your good place has sight for the sun, moon, stars, and sea

It's yours and it belongs to you.

Your good place is whatever makes you happy

It can be a scenic view you enjoy to see

It can also be the touch, the touch of a hand you hold so dear

It could be the texture of a fabric, a flower petal or leaf

It is yours, let's make that very clear

Because your good place belongs to you

It is whatever you want it to be or even what you may think

Your good place could be your palate

With the love for good food and drink

Your good place is whatever, when, where, why, who, how you want it to be. 

It is yours as it broadens each day you remain smoke-free.

NOPE no matter what is the best place to be. 

Never give up, never give in the best is yet to come. 

Get beyond the quit it is the Good Better Best place to be.

Peace Out

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