Finding Myself...written for a friend

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 24, 2018

Where was I
I cannot say
I broke through the silence
and found a new way


Where was I
Hidden down deep
To frightened to breath the air
As I weeped


Who am I
I didn’t know
I sometimes forgotten
the many seeds that I’d sown


Who am I
I’m finding out now
A child loved by God
I could not understand how


Here I am
I have much to learn
Everyday a lesson
Time I can’t burn


Here I am
I don’t wait any longer
I lift my sorrows to God
Then I am stronger


Now is now
Not yesterday
Not folly immersed with worries
We will be ok


Now is now

 Sit still and feel free
Not what others want
I’m taking care of me


Here I am
I never left…..