Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Sep 17, 2017


That’s what I call my quit.

In the beginning no matter what day I was on

It never seemed to be quite enough

Some days were easy, others could be tough

But I made up my mind I was never going to give up

Now I won't  take my Precious quit for granted

Or NEF (never ever forget) why, when, where and how it started

I never envisioned this Precious quit,

Mostly one day at a time, then weeks, months then years.

The Precious thoughts of freedom can easily bring joyous tears.

As I get closer to 1000, I know I never ever want to start again

Looking at this number it seems to really connect

That I have learned to protect my Precious quit.

No matter what, when, where, how or who

My Precious quit I will not lose.

Looking forward to 1000 day milestone….

Quad Squad has caused me to reflect.

I truly, love, appreciate and truly grateful for my Precious Quit.



PS Never give up, never give in.  Hang tough. The best is yet to come.