Prayer for EX

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Feb 21, 2017

For every Exer regardless of where you are in your quit.

I pray that you have peace and joy this day and forever.

I pray that you see your quit not as a struggle but doable.

Praying for difficult days to be made easier and not giving up NOPE.

Praying for your love ones, those estranged, sick, that may need help.

I pray there is healing and forgiveness in your relationships

I pray this journey will cause you to love yourself more each day.

That you have comfort on difficult days

 And you can trust and believe that it does get better

I pray that if you fall you will forgive yourself and

Have strength to get up and start a graceful forever quit.

I pray for peace and harmony on this site

I pray for those who have left to continue their recovery

I pray that love overrules all and each life be blessed

Knowing God will fulfill all of our needs

I pray you receive help here and pay it forward

I am Humbly thankful for a changed mind of deliverance from nicotine

With gratitude to protect the precious quit.

Mindful, that no matter what NOPE

Most of all, thankful for friendships garnered here

May we continue to focus on freedom goals

With love and respect for each other.

 Bless the elders, newbies, and administration.

In Jesus Name I pray….


 Love you all the most.   I originally wrote this at Christmas, edited and reposting.  

Wow!  I am happy Yay! I Found another little niche in this place the "Prayer Circle".



If you or someone you know is in need of prayer let me know it can be public or confidential direct message.  It will remain confidential.