Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on May 14, 2015

 I wrote this poem over 20 years ago while going through a trial in life, which now seems to have been so minor.  Today I realize it can be applied to my quit.


I can choose to be happy or I can choose to be sad.

I can think positive thoughts or let negative ones get ahead.

I can be willing to forgive and try to forget

Or waste precious time with worry and regret.

It's all my choice

I can be proud and hold my head up high

And focus my thoughts towards the heavenly sky

I could let my spirit down and wear a frown

Not spreading any joy or happiness around

It's all my choice

I can let myself be lonely or have fun in a crowd

I can choose to have my quiet time or let things be very loud

So I choose to make an effort to put a smile on my face

For somehow that smile can cause a problem to be erased

Of course, that's my choice

Choices we all have to make, some may be late

While others still may be a mistake

But life always brings....choices.