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Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 6, 2019

Remember the roadside BurmaShave signs?


"If you've ever wondered,


How long the road is left,


You'll live to wonder longer,


without a cigarette."


GopherCo Shrub Removal

"Smoky Coat"


Coat Of Many Colors

15 Foot High Camelia


Help please!

Posted by Christine13 Jan 8, 2019

I am craving badly today, I'm trying to distract, but just want to get smokes.  I sure don't want to go back to day 1 again. I will wait it out.

We had another rain Saturday and the hill behind us is greening up.

Steve got back to town late Friday and dropped by yesterday and we took a short cruise by the beach.

They jump on weekends and holidays and land in the valley to the left of us where the airport is 

Everything was going along so good

and then it closed out

This is a live shot from a Flagstaff webcam from this morning

I passed through here when I was getting off the road and coming back to California with my first wife and something touched me as we headed down the grade to the desert below.

Flagstaff always held a charmed spot in my head from that point on.

Clean air, some snow each year but not too much. If it got too cold you could go to the desert.

I seriously considered moving there about halfway through my career in construction.

Have you ever felt this way about a place you never went back to?

I wish this one were mine

I took wood shop and metal shop in jr high but after playing freshman football

my time was invested in music so I never had the pleasure of building a car.

Now I'm too old and broke.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jun 26, 2018

Enjoy each one

Who writes with wingdings???

Or Wedding

Well, what did you think I was talking about.? 

I extended the height of a balcony railing 8 inches for people with cats so the cats can't jump over.  The panels flip down and have a top stiffener and latch hooks and eye bolts to hold them in the upright position.





(Which I Didn't)


Play with your food

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 14, 2018

the cool beans blog gave me an idea. Why not play with your food to keep your fingers busy.....


Also a handy fun way to get your pantry cleaned out...or play with your kids. Or grandkids ! Only had a little time to mess with this and had no coffee beans, but it was fun, now gotta get busy with other things. Have a super smokefree day. Come some food your results! It will make you smiale and take your mind off the craves!

Just a distraction for you:

I took the following two screen shots 5 minutes ago

You Can Watch This Cam And Many Others 24/7 On The following Link.

Del Mar Beach Cam | Live Cams | HDOnTap | HDOnTap 

Beginning around 4:30 Pacific time for the next few months, the sunsets are incredible when there are any clouds. Every One Is Different.

Here's one from the Oceanside cam just now

Why would anyone go out in this?

How long could you last?

      The other night I was thinking about the house we lived in for 19 years. It was a rental and I was thinking about our pet rooster chasing me around the yard nipping at my calves and the playhouse I built for Jessie in the corner of the yard.

It made me reminisce. Sometimes when I think back to those times, I miss them and I'll get frustrated when I can't remember every detail or relive those moments. Almost a sense of panic.


      I met a girl in Sydney Australia when we played at the Royal Easter Show for 2 weeks and she and I had such a wonderful time. (nothing physical) She would borrow her older brothers Morris Mini and let me drive and she would show me around Sydney at night. It was one of my magical memories from 50+ years ago. I was thinking with all the people finder sites I might be able to locate her just to say hello see how her life turned out. I think of all the information I don't have and it makes me think I'll probably never locate her, then I think, what if all I find is an obituary.  Elizabeth, if you see this.... :-)


      These are the memories that were but are no longer.  Our memories can be both a blessing and a curse.

      Smoking was a curse. If you are honest with yourself,

you will see it offered nothing. It was a lie.


25 years into the future.

      My second wife was attached to a video camera. She took them everywhere. They were like part of her face. After my daughter Jessie moved to Seattle, she spent an entire year transferring videos from all formats. 8mm, VHS, VHS-C, All of them, to large capacity hard drives and sent me one of everything. We're talking nearly 3TB.

      The other day when I had these "missing details"  thoughts, I plugged it into my computer and found videos of Brewster the rooster and the playhouse and took a few screen shots from a trip we took to Disneyland in 1991. She was 4.  :-)

Jessie and Pluto

I am unable to edit the video or I would post a clip. :-)