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Play with your food

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 14, 2018

the cool beans blog gave me an idea. Why not play with your food to keep your fingers busy.....


Also a handy fun way to get your pantry cleaned out...or play with your kids. Or grandkids ! Only had a little time to mess with this and had no coffee beans, but it was fun, now gotta get busy with other things. Have a super smokefree day. Come some food your results! It will make you smiale and take your mind off the craves!


Luna Moth/ New House

Posted by Mandolinrain Jun 25, 2017

Things are moving right along with the house. Saw this Luna Moth here at currant home and had to take a picture. Our grandson is into Godzilla right now and says this Moth must be related to 'Mothra', lol