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Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Jan 16, 2021

      I watched them demolish a three story hotel two summers ago to build a new swim park on that block in Prince George, B.C.

Downtown Livestream - West - YouTube 

      I think that covid-19 must have delayed the project from spring into the last week in August.

      You can see where it started in this time lapse video.

New Pool Time Lapse - August 2020 to December 2020 - YouTube 

It's something I look at a couple times a day to see their progress.

Perfect view to watch something being built from the ground up.

They started erecting the structure this past week. 2 days with a 90 foot crane to erect what you see there.

      I find live streaming keeps me out of mental blockades during these lockdowns because I see progress.

      I also love watching the trains go through Flagstaff every 10-15 minutes day and night. You are only about 30 feet away from the trains looking down. There is sound and there are 2 cameras

Flagstaff, Arizona - Virtual Railfan LIVE - YouTube 

      No I don't watch them day and night but, I check in for the Amtrak before bed if it's semi on time

I love the Dunrovin' ranch cam in Montana. (It's down right now)

And the Del Mar Beach North Cam or Dog Cam

Del Mar's Dog Beach LIve Cam | 

The North Beach cam has the sound of the waves and the dogs barking and runing on the beach  but it's down right now

All free. Keeps your mind alive.

Great smoking distractions

Here's a link to a free site some places that might interest you.

There are links to all places and things.

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