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Click to view contentThings often start out slow. This morning's sunrise was beautiful. But it doesn't stop. They change and grow more beautiful over time. Just like your quit.....
Click to view contentHow Many Here Are Twins? How Many Of You Are Gemini's? Did You Have Something You Did Together Growing Up? Do You Feel Especially Close Compared To Your Other Siblings?
Click to view contentI liked sci-fi when it first came out and one of the first was in 1959   Our parents used to drop us kids off by the carloads on the corner in front of the theater every Saturday morning. I can remember the theater I sat in as well as I can remember when I started smoking, 7 years later. The Mysterians - video dailymotion  Remember how ornate… (Show more)
Just heard this tune out my back door.  Glorious!  "Ah, the children of the night - what Music they make...."   Made me think of you Caravan Master.  
I had never heard of this until just now.  Not only is it fascinating to watch, it would make a great craving buster.  
There is a lot to celebrate including your quit.  Join the fun by changing your avatar to include something fun and festive for the holidays. It doesn't matter what holiday you celebrate. Pick something you want to celebrate that is winter themed and put up a new Avatar (and Profile Picture too so we can see) until December 30th! Then we'll do a… (Show more)
My twin sent me this last night. It's dopamine for you.
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