"Keep it Simple"...

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Education IS the key to a successful quit

      Read the suggested material:

        Allen Carr's Quit Smoking on pdf on the web. No link allowed


Start with a plan: when and how you are going to do it

    My EX Plan | BecomeAnEX 


Study your triggers and prepare for them

   Getting Ready to Quit | My EX Plan | BecomeAnEX 


Be willing to do whatever is necessary to not smoke

   101 Things to Do Instead of Smoke


Be willing to change people places and things if necessary

NOPE no matter what, when where, how or who

Make a vow and commit to it.

Develop your own mantra.

    " I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me."

      Connect to your hight power. 


Come here often Research, Read, Study, Blog\, Get Involved.

Pledge Daily 

    Daily Pledge

Ask questions, and offer support by telling your experience

Type HELP if you need it someone will respond

Blog your journey it helps, your written history, you will not regret it.


Learn self Talk -  e.i. "I don't do that anymore"


Hang tough, it is doable if you never give up, never give in. NMW (no matter what)

Make a vow no matter what NOPE, not one puff ever.

Believe that you can and you will,  one day at a time


One urge at a time, one craving at a time, one success at a time.


Just BREATHE your way through it

   3 Deep Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress & Anxiety - YouTube 


This is a journey, not an event but life-changing

Be willing to relearn your thinking and behavior

Learn that you do not have to smoke


Be willing to do the work to protect your quit

Quitting is the easy part, staying quit requires the work


If you drink alcohol and need to smoke, do not drink

If you have to smoke if you are around smokers don't be


No turning back know the law. Freedom's "The Law of Addiction" thread: Page 1 


Foundation For A Successful Quit