Enough is Enough

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Nov 25, 2018

  I was tired.  Tired of smelling the smoke.  Even after smoking over 40 years I never liked the smoke stink.  Funny huh!  and I still smoked.  I would wash my hands after smoking to get rid of the smell.  Sprayed my clothes, hair, house, car to get rid of it.  Being pretty much a closet smoker, I thought I covered it up very well.  I was tired of the hiding, deceiving, wasting time and MONEY.  Whoa!  I had enough.  Why oh why could I not get rid of my "vice"?  (nose in the air kinda sorta vice) lol.  What took me so long to get to enough was enough?  I had a few shortlived quits before what I consider my final. Frankly, I did not give it my all. Something had to CHANGE!!!  I had truly had enough and it was time to really face this demon head on.  Not for anyone else, but for me.  With a made up mind my next quit would be it!  There would be no turning back, no matter what.  Haha. and that is what they say here. No matter what. Go figure. 

 No matter what is happening in your life is no reason to smoke it  is just an EXcuse. Reality ChecK!  Okay, so I got that.  They even had a list of EXcuses to make the point more clearly. (see link below) 

I am telling you as the elders told me.  It was time to grow up and stop being selfish. Exact quotes. Yep.  I even read somebody tells someone to put on their big girl panties and grow up.  Yes,they did.  The elders did not hold back any punches.  Some of you would not have made it then, for real. Only the strong survive.  Okay, so I am laughing right now.  That's what they said. Smoking is a selfish and childish act that takes you away from your loved ones.  When others are enjoying one another, you are/we were somewhere getting a fix.  Just like an addict.  I had enough!  The EX community told me that all I had to do was NOPE. Really, that's all?  Just kidding.  What the heck was that? I was told, "Not one puff ever".   Okay so let's see where this is going.  I was told I should read the suggested material.  One of the books was Alan Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking.  I read the pdf format online and then purchased my own updated book from Amazon.  I was told to visit the EX site on a regular basis.  I did. Other sites to visit were also suggested.  I did, day in and day out until my eyes felt like grit was in them.  You don't have to wear your eyes out as I did, just be here.  I was just so obsessed with learning about nicotine addiction, what's in a cigarette, what happens when you quit smoking, things to do instead of smoking, how to have a successful quit.  Reading elders blogs of their experiences wisdom and advise that I forgot about my eyes.   They told me to come here first if I was having a problem.  I did.  I came here for help and support and that's what I got. Help. No one could do it for me, they could only help.  I had to do the work to make it work by never giving up, never giving in no matter how challenging it seemed. I worked it by studying, reading, blogging, researching and asking questions. 

I was told I had to change the way that I thought about smoking. "Get rid of the stinkin thinkin". You would hear someone holler that out on any given day.  They told me I had to debunk the programming that I really did not need a cigarette. It did not happen overnight.  It took time to get there but it was worth it  I know for a fact that I can continue this life without smoking because I have the tools.  Quitting smoking had its ups and downs but it is so doable and I am on the freedom road. 1400 days worth.  You can too if you just go on and do it, follow the guideline below. Have you had enough?   One of the hardest parts is getting started so jump in.   We all have to go through the good the bad and sometimes the ugly to get to the real freedom.  Have no fear you will not die and it is so worth it. 


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