In Time

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Sep 20, 2018

As humans, we have the tendency to want to rush things and get over them quickly.   This evening as I sit pondering after a lovely dinner, sipping on a cold bottle of water and marveling how wonderful it is to be able just to do that and not think about smoking.  It took time to get to this wonderful place. It did not happen overnight. It even has taken time to truly realize where I am on this journey and at this very moment being mindful of how enjoyable it is as opposed to having an after dinner smoke.   Water vs Cigarette.  I almost laugh at the comparison. 


By no means does this happen overnight or in a week or two.  The first steps on this journey have to be taken in stride and not rushed through the process or skip any steps so not to backtrack. (relapse).   We have to be willing to go through withdrawal by any means necessary to get to this good place that I am referring to. There is no way around it that I know of.  If anyone does, please let me know.


 Another step is accepting the fact that smoking is an addiction and treating it as such will help the mindset.  Most importantly is to take the time to plan and prepare how you are going to go about this quit smoking journey.   If you have smoked for any period of time it takes time to learn and relearn behavior.  This is a journey, not an event.  Think of it as a marathon and no sprints allowed.   It can be difficult to start but in time it gets better.  Know that what you are going through will not last forever.  No, I cannot tell you how long it will take, that depends on you and what are you going to do to make this journey easier.  Are you going to read the suggested material, study, research, participate, ask questions, accept the advice of the Elders in order to get through to the better times?  If you truly want this you will be willing to do whatever is necessary not to smoke and recognize they are only Excuses. Come here first when you are having difficulty.  Don’t wait until it is too late.   NOPE. Not one puff ever  NO MATTER WHAT will keep you free.


Hopefully, you will not tire from hearing that ii takes time because that what it takes... time.  Wondering when you will not think about smoking can be rough but know that in time it will not always be at the forefront of your thoughts.   If you hold on and not give up you will get there.  Just wait and see.   It is not always easy but it is oh so doable.  Know that you will not die from any of it.  Your body has to make adjustments going through withdrawal so give it the time it needs.   Allow your mind to grasp the idea that you “don’t have to have a cigarette and it is the “addiction” that you can no longer feed.  Accept that you are an addict and you are one puff away from relapse and NOPE will keep you free. Never look back and keep your eye on the prize one day at a time.  If you have to take it one moment, do just that.  You can and will make it. Get to a good place on this journey.  Whatever you have to go through is so worth it. You will be amazed at what breathing the breath of freedom is like. Even sipping on a cold bottle of water after dinner is wonderful instead of smoking.  Never give up never give in. It takes time.  Get there.  DOF  Days of Freedom 1334