Is today your quit date?

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Mar 1, 2018

If this is "the day" it is time to get started.  Get ready, Get set and let's do this....together one day at a time. No need to procrastinate because they are only EXcuses.  If you are willing to do "whatever it is necessary" not to smoke you can win.  Make a vow to yourself that no matter what happens in your life is no EXcuse to take a puff. NOPE. not one puff ever will set you free on this wonderful journey of freedom.  Educate yourself about nicotine addiction.  It is very very crucial to read, study, blog if you like, bookend your days here and participate.  A wise elder once told me that "Education is the key to a successful quit." Breakinthechains  Here is a link that was very helpful to me when I started my journey to freedom.  It is an easy read .  www.whyquit.com "My Journey Home Freedom From Nicotine".


When I first started this journey there were those who started along beside me.  Most are still here.  A few have left for whatever reason but we did not hesitate to join hands and plunge to freedom.  Here we are now almost 3 years later asking you to take a plunge of "faith" and do the same thing.  Join hands with someone whether they are new or old. Grab as many hands as you can.  Get started with out hesitation and don't look back but NEF never ever forget where you started.  Do not let failure be an option on this journey.  Let's do this!!!!.  Scream!! Cry!!  Laugh!! Laughing is a lot better.  Laugh your way towards freedom from nicotine.  You can do this because it is possible if you are willing to let it all go for your own life's sake. Prepare yourself with your own tool kit. What's in YOUR Tool Box?  When the urge hits tell yourself that you just don't do this anymore and laugh.  You are free and are a non smoker.  Find something to keep you occupied. 101 Things to Do Instead of Smoke  Take it one day at a time or an hour, minutes, sometimes seconds.  Say that you can and you will.  Let'sssssssssssss Go!  Holler if you hear me.  Claim this day your day WON.  Shout it out!  This is your day and we are here to support you.  Hang tough stay close never give in or up. The best is yet to come!

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