Plan Prepare Practice to Protect.

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Since there are so many newbies, this is a recap of an earlier blog posted November 2016.  First, if I haven’t personally welcomed you, WELCOME.   If you need help I am here for you.   It is good to see that you are forging friendships and creating bonds among us, towing the line together so to speak.  This “quit thing” is so much easier together than alone.  You are EXcited and motivated. You will have to keep that motivation. Just remember quitting is a journey, not a race or a marathon.   It does not end BUT is the beginning of something so wonderful and more powerful than words can not EXpress or can imagine at an early stage of your journey. There is no finish line. This quit thing is a “new life” that gets better.  So be like the turtle,

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pacing yourself one day at a time, being persistent, determined to persevere, no matter what NOPE. Not one puff ever.   Staying smoke free is the prize.  So keep your eye on the prize and don’t be tricked by that little guy on the shoulder telling you that "just one" is okay.  One puff will do you IN and END a perfect quit quickly.  It is easier to quit than to stay quit so it is very important to learn how to protect it.   I don’t want to burst your bubble like mine was when I was told by an elder,  it is great to be confident but don’t become complacent and think that you are not vulnerable.   In order to stay smoke free you have to Plan Prepare Practice to Protect. Relearn what to do when you have to deal with feelings of Hunger, Anger, Loneliness, or just being Tired. Know these simple feelings can be confused with triggers. "HALT" So Plan Prepare Practice to Protect.  Learn techniques to relieve stress.  Read Study Relearn.  

Education is the key to a successful quit.

Stay EXcited about your quit but be like the turtle keep a steady pace moving forward one step at a time.  Slowly but surely you will have success. Hang tough, stay close don’t give up Plan Prepare Practice to Protect.

A little extra reading material for the baby turtles to help Plan Prepare Practice to Protect. 



I am a nonsmoker with 925 DOF it is doable.