Method not madness

Blog Post created by Jimbone on Sep 19, 2018

Currently I have three ebooks open on my computer. They are PDF so I have learned how to select text which I copy to a text file and then email to my self. After re reading I then move that document to a dedicated folder. I read about 3 pages each ebook oer session and have both reduced doc size and learned how to use the hand tool to move pages. Ready to begin weekly log to start week 2. I don't stress over a new link, there's a folder now for those in my browser, I bookmark it and move on. Careful to not overload but strive to comprehend, internalize and not overreach. Particularly interested in cold turkey readings which I feel will be ny tack once the patch and lozenges treatment is done shortly. Our minds are our strongest weapon as well as our weakest link. I will have a handle on that. My other best friend other than NTAP and NOPE apart from my new friends on here is STOP. And gratitude. Thank you all again every day.