"Please Don't Throw Up In Your Bed" (RAP)

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Jan 25, 2021

talkin' to my cat

talkin' to my cat

"Hey! there Hoggie get off that!

Don't vomit there, did you eat too fast?


"what would you like?"

I ask all day

But, he never says

it's a guessing game



KFC day for me


He likes thighs

I do too

He doesn't get the skin

'cause he can't chew


It'd tear him up

is the reason why


I would pass some by

It would be like

giving him chocolate pie


He couldn't keep it down,

'he couldn't keep it in

It would lie in a pool

and Hoggie wouldn't win.


Since he couldn't keep it down

It's clear to see

That third chicken thigh

is all for me.


I'll keep it my stomach

not a pool on the floor

talkin' to my cat

talkin' to my cat


It's rainin' I could really use

some hot cocoa

He don't know 

He don't know

I think I'm gonna make some

Guess I'm gonna go

I won't smoke, Disido.