Music to my ears

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 3, 2018

It was a good day today! I FINALLY was able to get all the guitars and stuff hung today. Ready for some friends to stop by and jam  It took all afternoon to get these things hung up. I like having them out where I can see them because I am more likely to not just walk by, but to practice a few minutes as well plus I think its good for them to be out of their cases and breathing fresh air  Kinda like me since I quit smoking!


The Mandolin above pictured , was my grandfathers. Its an old 'A' from 1907 !!! My mother had it all these years and never told me until a few years ago when she gave it to me. She has stored it in its original case ( yes I still have it ) inside a garment bag! When she took it out I nearly fell over seeing it is a Gibson! Not only that but its in excellent condition and it was still nearly in tune. I was shocked! I have replace strings since, but wow. What a gift!

Any other strummers out there???

Heres my current stash, oh yeah....exercise area as well... lol :