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Posted by Mandolinrain Jul 26, 2018

A guys sitting in his easy chair reading the newspaper and his wife walks in and clunks him over the head with a frying pan.


He says to his wife

" Why the heck did you do that"?


She says

" I was doing your laundry and this slip of paper was in your pants pocket with the name 'MARYLOU' on it".


He says to his wife in response :

AW honey, thats from the racetrack. Marylou is the name of the horse I was betting on".


An hour or so later, the mans wife walks back into the room with an even bigger frying pan and cracks him again on the head.


The man jumps up and says :

"Now what was that all about"?


The wife glares at him and says:

" Your horse just called"



Posted by Mandolinrain Apr 13, 2018

A fellow goes into a bar and says to the 3 gals next to him.......


" Would ya like me to tell you gals a blonde joke"?


The first gal says... " Well sure, but just so you know, I am a former kickboxing champion, my friend next to me is the former Miss Olympian, and our other friend is a currant womans Boxer "


The guys turns around and looks straight ahead and says......


Oh never mind, I don't feel like repeating it 3 times.


 By the way, I am blonde and thought this to be funny


Cured please

Posted by Mandolinrain Dec 10, 2017