Your Interpretation Please?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 30, 2020

         When I was outside yesterday and took the bird pictures, I heard a loud vibration. I thought it was hummingbird wings. It was that same type of vibration but, it was staying in one place. Hummingbirds flit.

      I looked up, and about 6 feet above my head was a swarm of bees about 6 feet in diameter. They only stayed a moment when I looked up, then they swarmed South. (This really happened)


What did I do and what's gonna happen to me?

A.  Am I gonna die? 

B.  Get Bees Knees?

C.  Honey on the brain?

D.  Want to "comb" my hair all the time?

E.  Make my bed of toasted bread?

F.  Make a beeline to another location?  

G. Is this cabin fever?