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      Occasionally, very occasionally you have one of those days where you forget something and things that follow become problems.

      I was trying to get out and get my truck smog checked and renew the registration today. I was busy before I left but I filled a microwave pot with bow tie pasta, covered it with water added salt, put in for 20 minutes at 50%.


That's what I forgot,

      I forgot it was in the microwave. 6 Hours later while trying to put something in the microwave I remembered. .

      The top 1/2 inch was dry and I expected the pasta beneath to be mush because I did this once before.

      I was ready to toss it. Instead, I took off the dry pieces and poured it into a baking pan and cut up a 1/2 pound of cooked bacon over the top

      I used the same pot as the pasta, added 4 cups of grated cheese and three cups of half and half and tried to warm it enough to mix. Not too successful. It was still too loose and I stirred it all over the floor.  IDEA: add some flour to thicken.


      OH NO! BUGS

So I spent 20 minutes picking bugs out of the cheese and cream mixture, then,

heated it through and poured it over the pasta in a 9 x 13 pan. and baked for 70 minutes at 300.


Here's my tip for you.

Don't smoke and CHECK YOUR FLOUR


video uploads not working

Am I on my last leg?

Circling the drain?

Cause I gotta tell you,

I don't feel that way.

Ma Churro! Ma Churro!


~Ut Oh~

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Feb 8, 2020

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