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What do you put on your toast? (a distraction at most)

"exposing variety

without propriety

spill your guts

tell us what you like most."


Name the 5 top things you most often put on your toast with number one being first?

For myself

1. Cinnamon Sugar

2. Preserves (Apricot, Blackberry, Peach)

3. Avocado with lemon juice and salt & pepper

4. Peanut Butter Solo (I have a PB/Banana/Honey once every few years) 

5. Hot Dog and Swiss Cheese (w/mustard)

What's your favorite piece?


Thighs are the most flavorful, juiciest, meatiest bite, piece IMHO



      I hate wasting oil so I don't fry chicken anymore. This means I'm always on the lookout for good thighs.

      I go to KFC once a month for one of those two piece fillups and always ask for 2 thighs.

      Did I ever tell you about the 1500 coupons for 3 piece meals we had on the road? Did I ever tell you we ate those KFC three piece meals 17 days straight to save money? Did I ever tell you I thought I'd never eat KFC again? Or that I had KFC Chicken with the Colonel on the lawn of his mansion in Atlanta?


      A couple years ago I saw a video of some young guys driving around to every chain that made fried chicken in Southern California specifically, to compare their fried chicken.

      Their observation was right on. It's also the store I find the best deals at. I go once a week and get two thighs.


To all the vegetarians who don't like chicken (or chickens don't like you)

As we used to say at our house "Good, more for me."   


OKAY, what's your favorite piece and why?



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Nov 6, 2018

How come they always show up before you've had coffee?

I had a week free.

3 Terros on my desk

but finally no ants.

Last night. I put some wet food on Hoggies elevated dish on the desk for the first time in two weeks.

When I turned on the light this morning


(many ants)

Now I'm cutting open the Terro and making little pools on my desk.




I'm not smoking over it

Anybody Know What A Bone Out Wing Is?

I found out yesterday

Is this going to be an "I love to batch" blog?


Dam Straight!

So I ordered these bone out "things" with some garlic knots yesterday



They are chunks of white meat fried with a coating and glazed with a sauce.

Don't taste anything like a wing. Shouldn't a wing taste like a wing whether they took the bone out or not?


What's your gripe?

Butt you couldn't run your car on it!


So what might be a proper response when someone "breaks wind?"

"Your Effusion Precedes You?"

"Whoopee Cushions Don't Reek?"

"Thine Flatulence Out Gasses Thee?"

"Crop Dusting Ain't For Sissies?"

you know how once in a while you'll try something

and then you begin doing it more often?

and then you start doing it daily

and then

and then


I'm at the daily stage but, I did it three times today 


can you guess what it is?

hint: you add water


clean up your mind would you?