The "Counting Cows" Game

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Jun 11, 2017

On our way to EX3 Nashville, Nancy (youngatheart) introduced the Old Ladies to a car game called "Counting Cows".  There were cows EVERYWHERE and we laughed all the way to Nashville.


But on our way to EX5 Virginia Beach, there was not a cow in sight.  Oh, but that didn't stop Miss Nancy!  She was counting just about anything in a field as "cows"; she counted horses, hay bales, etc.


So, here are some REAL cows, Nancy!  And it would take a lot longer than the length of a craving to count them all!


It seems that the old gals paid a lot more attention to My Beloved than they did to me...


Quitters, remember to get outside, smell fresh air instead of smoke, enjoy your new freedom from nicotine!  Try counting cows, maybe?