Sweet Simple....US!

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jan 11, 2018

Simple is just for TODAY I will pray for Gods will to remain nicotine free... by helping the next suffering nicotine addict by MY ACTIONS that speak louder than words... only by Gods grace MY Lord Jesus gave ME a cold turkey quit on January 6, 2011... please take what helps and let go of the rest to be helpful is MY only aim thank you...the Sweet is living MY NEW nicotine free lifestyle for MY God ....of MY own free will CHOICE for I know God is the ONE who has brought ME this far....ODAT... One Day At A Time....ODAT ....and only by Gods grace...MY Lord Jesus....who gave the Holy Spirit to keep ME 7 years recovering from nicotine FACT:  I used nicotine for 38 years....everyday and at the end of MY using I sucked on 50 death sticks each day... MY idol was nicotine.... my god was nicotine.... I surrender MY idol god nicotine addiction to Jesus who blessed ME with GOD'S unconditional AGAPE LOVE who is My Savior and MY Lord Jesus....this free giftt of Salvation is offered to ANYONE who CHOOSES to take MY Lord Jesus at his word and to read his word and believe please go and get a Bible and read it for YOURSELF ... dont take MY word on it.... go to book of 1Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4 read and just believe it ....thank you and it is just Sweet Simple! I practice each day to remember Sweet Lord Jesus carries ME to pass MY main test of this day to Keep it Simple for ME is to seek God and his will FIRST for ME and My Lord Jesus gives ME ....HIS success in Sweet Simple solution which for ME is to NOT TAKE ONE PUFF OVER ME followed by MY come here and blog BEFORE I take that first puff over ME.... then MY Lord Jesus blesses ME with a US and a WE in NEW nicotine free lifestyle living by each person's personal free will CHOICE by helping each other recover more and more to REMAIN quit TOGETHER.... ODAT! By loving each other to REMAIN staying nicotine free TOGETHER. Sweet Simple US! HOORAY FOR JESUS! Blessing ME with all of you.... MY Sweet Simple US recovering from nicotine family! Yahooooo life is Sweet Simple US!