2553 days

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jan 2, 2018

These days are only because of MY Higher Power who is God....It is this day I must appreciate and I thank God for his love tender mercies and most of all Christ Jesus his Son who died for ALL MY sins to give ME his eternal life..... this FREE gift is for any one to choose....please go get a bible and read In Romans chapter 10 verses 9-10.... just believe of your own free will.... please take what helps and let go of the rest.... only by Gods grace i chose not to use nicotine TODAY.... first because i prayed for God to keep ME and then I came here to blog MY experince of facing MY realities of this day only....I made a decision to trust Christ Jesus with all of ME....I remember the 50 cigs i smoked DAILY to escape MY feelings of guilt shame remorse of ALL the stuff I did by the choices I made so very long ago.... thoughts haunted MY every waking moments of regrets anguish of wishing I never committed that sin to hurt and torture others involved too... I used to think I was just hurting ME by the choices to using nicotine people and all other things to get what I thought would satisfy MY deep emptiness in MY mind MY will MY emotions.... only to discover NOTHING filled that empty void... the constant craving obsession to be loved with no rules no strings no paying for that love.... so i would STOP hating MYSELF for all the sins i chose to commit... i smoke 38 years cuz I hated ME deep down then I confessed ALL and NOW I love ME because God loved ME first.... read for yourself the Bible 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4.... choose to just BELIEVE.... Gods love removed the alcohol... victim mind set of childhood rape .... sexual perversion memories... nicotine addiction.... white sugar addiction just this past oct 29th 2017.....years of eating disorders.... oh the freedom of bondages to toxic people that desire ME to come back to sinning with them.... MY choice NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME.... nicotine freedom is so much better than self hate bondage to nicotine.... Thank God for God I made a decision to pray and share my experience strenghth and hope to live this day only in an attitude of gratitude to God and his love offered to ANY who so evers..... 2553 days nicotine free! HOORAY FOR JESUS!