March 26~DIY Home-Health-Garden

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 26, 2020

With Summer approaching, I decided to place my DIY stuff in garden blog area.

Gardening  inside or outside is an awesome thing to do to keep your hands busy so you do not smoke. It gets you on your way to healthy lifestyle, Everything I post is something that can be done even in a small apartment. Yes even to produce your own healthy happy soil for your plants. Enjoy


One more thing.....Marty is in critical condition now so please keep prayers going. Thanks to all who are praying.



I have a few things I do. I have a small crock I keep on kitchen counter to throw food scraps in. NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS-NO DAIRY-think things that grow from the ground and your okay and this includes used coffee ground and tea bags:

When this container is full I throw it into this little white bucket and take it out to my compost bin and stir it in.

The compost bin is nothing more than a 35 gallon tupperware type tub with a lid and holes drilled on all four side as well as top and bottom. 

To prepare this bin, add shredded paper and leaves...then start adding your kitchen scrapes. Keep stirring it anytime you add scrapes. You want it to be moist so throw a couple cups water on it or a watering can also works.

In about 3 week you will have some wonderful soil for potting or to put around your garden. THEN....if you have the room for an out door compost pile you can do what I did. When bin tub is full take and dump it in outdoor compost pile.

I  always dump my yearly flower bed and vegetable scraps in the same place so yesterday I decided to 'fence' it in just to contain it a bit more. Anyway I have it behind my 'She-shed' and it took forever to put those stakes in. Pete needs to straighten a few today for me

Below are a few things I started for this summer, inside:

When we had the farm, I composted in a open area by the barns. Fresh manure was always available to add as well then. But now without the manure, maybe I won't get the weeds in me  garden as I used to ?

 Anyway happy gardening. My next project is a worm farm using Red Wigglers  I'll let you know how that goes.


N.O.P.E.~I am busy in the yard  AND I have NO DESIRE to smoke !

I will try to do a DIY blog Daily, we shall see how that goes. Any DIY ideas you have to add would be super. I love learning new techniques