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The red hot poker that is

      I cut the first bloom off as it was dying and drying up which is the normal process.       There are 5 or 6 more poking up.



*** Heres a boredom project for them. Glue art. using literally any type paper either they glue or you glue a design on the paper with glue, then set paper on a cookie sheet and give them thongs to sprinkle on it. sugar, glitter, sand stones, buttons


***For busy boys- I used to put play sand on a LARGE TRAY or cookie sheet and gave them their little trucks, they had a blast doing that. Little girls AND boys may enjoy doing finger art in it also. Great fun way to practice alphabet and numbers


******Have the kids make stars with potatoes and then decorate a picture for Mothers Day/Fathers day. They can also paint their hands and stamp them on paper using child safe paints


*****Patchwork Lanterns. Using scraps of old material cut into several small pieces , blow up a small ballon and invert the ballon in a small bowl. Using glue of your choice and a small paint brush, glue the fabric to the balloon until its totally covered.. Allow to dry. Pin prick the ballon when its dry and strong the ballon. Very pretty and fun project


*****Robots. My grandson LOVED this. He used anything he could find and made robots. He secured parts with duct tape and or glue. Used cans, eating utensils, buttons, parts from old watches, old jewelry ( which by the way , old jewelry makes for fun craft if gals want to spruce up tops of old tennis shoes or purses, glue the stuff on  Paint and glitter also ..) Anyway you get the idea. He had fun coming up with weirs odds and ends to get super creative




With all the washing we have to do to fight the COVID-19 my hands get even more chapped than normal. Make a sugar scrub. So easy and so soothing.

You can mix sugar and baby oil and add essential oils of your choice and make this the consistency of your choice. Store in a plastic container and after washing your hands, put a little on this one your hands then rinse. It lasts a long time on your hands and is very soothing. I have done this for years. Really nice to do before working outside or with paints also because it keeps the dirt and paint from sticking your your skin :_



Take a water bottle or any plastic drinking bottle and drill small hole in the lid. Replace the lid and you have a small stream to water the tender plants you may be start. Also a nice way to water plants that do not like wet leaves.

 <In this picture I am watering some strawberries I cut up and am curious to see if they produce. Will update later


Twins arriving soon, so must cut this short. May not be back till Sunday,? Who knows  Enjoy your weekend. N.O.P.E.


PS- Fairy Garden may also be a good project for kids and adults. Perhaps

Youngatheart.7.4.12 could give some advice on this ?

With Summer approaching, I decided to place my DIY stuff in garden blog area.

Gardening  inside or outside is an awesome thing to do to keep your hands busy so you do not smoke. It gets you on your way to healthy lifestyle, Everything I post is something that can be done even in a small apartment. Yes even to produce your own healthy happy soil for your plants. Enjoy


One more thing.....Marty is in critical condition now so please keep prayers going. Thanks to all who are praying.



I have a few things I do. I have a small crock I keep on kitchen counter to throw food scraps in. NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS-NO DAIRY-think things that grow from the ground and your okay and this includes used coffee ground and tea bags:

When this container is full I throw it into this little white bucket and take it out to my compost bin and stir it in.

The compost bin is nothing more than a 35 gallon tupperware type tub with a lid and holes drilled on all four side as well as top and bottom. 

To prepare this bin, add shredded paper and leaves...then start adding your kitchen scrapes. Keep stirring it anytime you add scrapes. You want it to be moist so throw a couple cups water on it or a watering can also works.

In about 3 week you will have some wonderful soil for potting or to put around your garden. THEN....if you have the room for an out door compost pile you can do what I did. When bin tub is full take and dump it in outdoor compost pile.

I  always dump my yearly flower bed and vegetable scraps in the same place so yesterday I decided to 'fence' it in just to contain it a bit more. Anyway I have it behind my 'She-shed' and it took forever to put those stakes in. Pete needs to straighten a few today for me

Below are a few things I started for this summer, inside:

When we had the farm, I composted in a open area by the barns. Fresh manure was always available to add as well then. But now without the manure, maybe I won't get the weeds in me  garden as I used to ?

 Anyway happy gardening. My next project is a worm farm using Red Wigglers  I'll let you know how that goes.


N.O.P.E.~I am busy in the yard  AND I have NO DESIRE to smoke !

I will try to do a DIY blog Daily, we shall see how that goes. Any DIY ideas you have to add would be super. I love learning new techniques


Anxious for Spring

Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 28, 2018

So hopefully this has gone to the gardening section....if not, sorry.


thought I would share what I am up too. Starting garden plants from food scraps.

Works every year and I transplant them , eventually in my garden. 


So so here’s what started so far , Bok Choy,Romain Lettuce, easy to do. starting onions tomorrow and potatoes.


Heres a pic of the celery two two days ago...below.....


Any other gardeners out there? Love to trade secrets