* Thursday's Nearly Impossible Question for 5/2

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* Thursday's Nearly Impossible Question for 5/21


Nearly Impossible Question

(*Remember that this is a game meant for fun, so Googling or knowingly posting the correct answer is not how it's done. The answer is always PG, please respect that.)


Today's Question:


Q:      24% of people have more pictures on their phone of this than their partner.


*Please note, I often do not give hints.


Wednesday’s Question & Answer:


Q:   38% of us who are currently video conferencing have been embarrassed because of this?  



A:    Burping



**You guys are Great and Winners to me all!!  Thank you for playing.**


Good Luck Everybody!
to life~


. . . as my dh says, "It's not The NIQ, it's the nearly impossible answer!"



A side note ~

Hi darlin’ NIQers,

re: NIQ Repetition

For years, I have posted the NIQ five days a week.  However,in all the years I have posted the NIQ, I never found a site that consistently gave  the NIQ for five days a week during the year. Sites do not post the NIQ during holidays.  I also  found  that sites that used to consistently post their NIQs for 5 days a week (non-holiday), sometimes cut back. So I look at different sites and there may be repetition at some point. If so, let's hope we can remember the correct answer Onward and happy quitting and playing.


Be well, be healthy, be happy and hopeful