* Weekend's Nearly Impossible Question 3/27 +

Blog Post created by ClearColors on Mar 26, 2020

* Weekend's Nearly Impossible Question 3/27 +

*The Nearly Impossible Question


(*Remember that this is a game meant for fun, so Googling or knowingly posting the correct answer is not how it's done. The answer is always PG, please respect that.)


Today's Question:



Q:       Since most of us in have been home the last week. 18% of us have started doing this again.



*Please note, I often do not give hints.


Thursday’s Question & Answer:


Q:   96% of teenagers who spend time online spend it on what App or service?


A:   Youtube


 **You guys are Great and Winners to me all!!  Thank you for playing.**


Good Luck Everybody!


to life~        


. . . as my DH (dear husband) says, it's not the NIQ it's the nearly impossible answer!



A side note ~

Hi darlin’ NIQers,

re: NIQ Repetition

For years, I have posted the NIQ five days a week.  However, in all the years I have posted the NIQ, I never found a site that consistently gave the NIQ for five days a week during the year. Sites do not post the NIQ during holidays.  I also found that sites that used to consistently post their NIQs for 5 days a week (non-holiday), sometimes cut back. So I look at different sites and there may be repetition at some point. If so, let's hope we can remember the correct answer :) Onward and happy quitting and playing.