• How to lose weight after quitting?

    I may or may not have over indulged and eaten my weight in candies for longer than expected.  I figured I’d give into sweet cravings the first week...and here I am. I got on the scale yesterday, got off in ...
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  • Is anyone interested in doing a 30 walking challenge with me?

    I was curious how many out there would be interested in starting with this 30 day walking challenge? I am way out of shape so since I am breaking the nasty habit I thought that I could clear my mind and work on my exe...
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  • setback

    i have been smoke free for 13 days and i am proud of myself. plus i've been exercising but now i have a sciatica nerve thing and it is really depressing me and making me angry.    when i feel this way, i wa...
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  • Link between smoking and hypo/hyperthyroidism

    Hi all,   I quit smoking several years ago for almost a year and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (the opposite of hypothyroidism).  I went to an endo and was given a pill to take for a fairly long time a...
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  • Do you move your body?

    I try to move MY body everyday by getting up and praying and asking MY Higher Power who is God for His HELP....  I pray and ask to be balanced in ALL areas of MY Christ Jesus lifestyle in MY Lord Jesus name amen ...
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  • Are you up for the "MOVING"challenge? 

    Yes is it an early Saturday morning Movers.  Most of us would like to sleep in after a busy week.  HOWEVER we have to get MOVING on the weekend too if you have not met the weekly challenge....NO EXcuses. ...
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