• Let's Get Moving Part 3

    'The original idea was to "get moving" at least 4 times a week, staying accountable to each other.  Post your accomplishments in the comments. This is the original blog link if you would like to clarify the ...
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  • Osteoarthritis

    Does anyone have any comments about osteoarthritis? Yes have it done n my joints. I have an appointment on the 28th. It will s painful. Love be to hear from others.
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  • Daily Workout

    Good Morning,   I am about to start my daily workout routine: Max Trainer and a Video. Wanted to see what all of you are doing to stay fit.
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  • Restart Reset Renew

    My senior EXercise class has shut down.  I haven't been exercising on a regular basis. I am going to reset and restart to renew my body.  I will be doing this 30-day challenge, along with other activities to...
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  • Athletes Unite

    I was a smoker when I ran my first half marathon. I was a smoker when I completed my first triathlon. I was a smoker who was not only an athlete, but a personal trainer and group exercise instructor as well! I always ...
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    Friday is a day for ME that centers MY mind on GRATITUDE to MY God for HIS love and tender mercies NEW to ME every morning - HE gives to ME -  by HIS breathing into ME - more of HIS love and peace and joy - in th...
  • TriGirl Marathon

    TriGirl runs her first marathon tomorrow morning. I don't expect her to check in before then, but leave some words for her to see before or after!   You're going to kill it tomorrow Kelly, God speed, stay sEXy!&...
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  • Healthy Eating Tips and Weight Control

    Ok so I thought I'd start this discussion....I'm on a mission to lose weight, I'm sick of being sick of being fat...LOL I weighed myself this morning..YIKES....more than I've ever weighed....I'm embarking on a heal...
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    Just an FYI:  ZANTAC RECALL   Products that contain Ranitidine:  Ranitidine - brand name list from Drugs.com 
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  • Let's Get Moving Challenge

    Today is a happy day darn it!   I've been smoke free for 38 days today.  I've been on my pity potty just moping around.  I get home from work and lay down and watch television all night.  I sleep t...
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  • Just go for a walk❤

    In the beginning - I was 275 lbs in August of 2010 smoking 50 death sticks a day and laying on the couch flipping through the channels - I clicked on the fitness channel - I clicked on walking and Leslie Sansone walki...
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  • 30 Day Jumpin' Jack,Crunch,Squat Challenge

    Friday I returned to my senior EXercise class.  No problem since I have still been active, but not overly active.  One of my classmates looked so trim and lean.  I was really taken back.  She had o...
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  • Summer Workouts

    I was spurred on to get back on my bike by jonimarie's  blog:  My Best Friend   Been out four times in the past five days and already upped my pace and mileage.  You Joni?   So who else ...
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  • 25 Tips

    How to Stay Fit Forever: 25 Tips When Life Gets in the Way - The Guardian - Pocket 
  • Motion

    Open video

  • Let's Get Moving 2018

    It is a New Year.  To eliminate difficulty finding where to comment due to the length of the last blog, I thought I would start a new page to have a fresh start.  New Year, Fresh Ideas,New Goals ,R...
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  • Arm Challenge

    New challenge! Starts Friday, August 10, 2018.  Below the calendar are links on how to do each exercise in case you need them.    http://www.smartandsavvymom.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/May-2015-arm...
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  • How to lose weight after quitting?

    I may or may not have over indulged and eaten my weight in candies for longer than expected.  I figured I’d give into sweet cravings the first week...and here I am. I got on the scale yesterday, got off in ...
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  • Is anyone interested in doing a 30 walking challenge with me?

    I was curious how many out there would be interested in starting with this 30 day walking challenge? I am way out of shape so since I am breaking the nasty habit I thought that I could clear my mind and work on my exe...
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  • Getting Involved

    Here I am again, on my yoga soapbox   Today I chose to do "Yoga for Stress Management" because even I deal with stress from time to time.  And honestly, today I didn't want to slow down that much.  But ...