Friday is a day for ME that centers MY mind on GRATITUDE to MY God for HIS love and tender mercies NEW to ME every morning - HE gives to ME -  by HIS breathing into ME - more of HIS love and peace and joy - in th...
  • Let's Get Moving Challenge

    Today is a happy day darn it!   I've been smoke free for 38 days today.  I've been on my pity potty just moping around.  I get home from work and lay down and watch television all night.  I sleep t...
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  • Let's Get Moving 2018

    It is a New Year.  To eliminate difficulty finding where to comment due to the length of the last blog, I thought I would start a new page to have a fresh start.  New Year, Fresh Ideas,New Goals ,R...
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  • 15 days from dessert exit

    Stopped on 05 June 2017. 116 days without cigarettes. 14 Days from 130 days. No cheats. 14 Days on Patches. There after cold turkey. The "flat tyre" story helped me through stressful times. Non smoker has a flat tyre,...
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  • Happy 2018

    Happy New Years!!! Hope all is well. Keeping it short today, not a great start to the new year and I haven’t been able to get I out of this funk all day. I have not turned back and am still going strong with my ...
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  • Slow and Steady

    I have a regular routine of going to the rec center to EXercise with "the seniors".  Like I am not one, right?  I guess we are all working off that ham, turkey and potato salad.  I hadn't been since bef...
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  • I've been smoke free 2 months.

    I've been almost 2 months of smoke free. As of October 6th, 2017. In my 2 months of being smoke free I've been walking around breathing better. My clothes and hair don't stank anymore. I'm happy to say that I am bless...
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  • Day 11

    Im feeling pretty good so far just a bit more tired than before..exercise is still in the new routine, pleanty of water and healthier foods..but from what I have been told and have read is that in the beginning you be...
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  • A New Day "Keep it Moving"

    A new day and a new beginning.  Everyday should be just that.  A new day, a new way, a new beginning. I guess you all know that I am so EXcited with this new challenge thing.  jdesco311 thanks for the ...
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  • Get Movin' 6/18/17

    Today I biked 2.17 miles in 20 minutes around 1:30p.  Wanted to keep going mentally, but the wind was brutal and I was worn out.  After I returned home, I realized that duh, I hadn't eaten anything but a Spe...
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  • IMPORTANT NOTICE to the Movers and Shakers

    Good Morning Movers and Shakers.  Today is a new day. I hope everyone is feeling great.  My body take a few minutes to get MOVING.  So I am having coffee right now and planning how I am going to MOVE.&#...
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  • #1 Challenge Week (1 or 2)?

    Has anyone started the #1 Challenge for the week?   Nah nah nah nah nah.  I did.  Stepped 12229 steps yesterday.  Did 20 minutes Cardio and walk/jog 49 minutes.  Are you up for the challenge. ...
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  • Oh What a Feeling

    Whew Wee I am finally starting to feel like me again.  These past few months with all the restrictions and can't do's have finally come to an end for now.  Today I got the GO AHEAD to resume normal activitie...
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